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Approximately forty years ago, iconotechniki S.A. began its career in the production and sales of copies of Byzantine icons catering to customers who wished to purchase icons as objects of religious worship, as decorative items or purely as works of art. From the very beginning, the company has promoted the importance of religious accuracy and its contribution to the superior quality of the product and ensured that its creative team included people who were knowledgable and experienced in the field of hagiography.

Our products, apart from being technologically sophisticated, faithfully adhere to the "rules" of icon creation according to Christian tradition. All of iconotechniki's icons, from the classification of Saints, to the presentation of Christ and His family on earth, the Apostles, and the Martyrs, are presented under the philosophy of the Byzantine period, making them not only aesthetically beautiful but also illustratively correct.

Our customers who are spread all over the world, from America, to Europe, to the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Russia and also the largest religious centers of the world have in their possession our products, which are high quality, technically perfect handmade icons, which are also historically and religiously accurate. At iconotechniki, the creation of religious imagery constitutes a daily performed ritual in our workshops by our famous hagiographers and great artisans, from the initial order to the subsequent delivery, resulting in the production of beautiful works of religious art.