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Our Customers

Watchful protector by the bedside, a prominent position in the house, in the glove compartment of a car, on the wall of a shop, on a desk, in a drawer, by the bed of a child…

Tens of thousands of icons by iconotechniki, over the past four decades, have traveled to the ends of the world and have passed from our hands into the hands and lives of hundreds of thousands of people, who honor these icons as religious objects of worship, and as unique works of art.

The patron saint, the Virgin with Jesus, scenes from the life of Jesus, events recording the Gospels accompany the souls of people in all continents, west to east, confirming that anything made with love remains untouched by time.

The works of iconotechniki are exhibited in the building and the workshop of the company; they are also available online, as well as in all major religious centers and also the 35 showrooms in shopping stores in Greece and abroad.

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