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Company Profile

In 1975 iconotechniki began its journey in the world of art through its creation of religious icons, characterized by exquisite techniques and superior aesthetics.

The company collaborates with great hagiographers, who possess great experience and technical training on the subject, to create copies of byzantine images on canvas, enriching them with their creative imagination.

Scenes from the life of Christ, images of Jesus with the Virgin, hagiographies, images of the events recorded in the Gospels, are depicted as religious icons, objects of worship and fine art by the creators of iconotechniki, and are in the hands of millions of people all over the world.

Using canvas, wood and silver as raw materials, iconotechniki combines the capabilities of modern technology, the knowledge of religious tradition, the techniques of iconography and the passion of creation, to transform each icon into a work of art, from the smallest in dimension, to the most demanding in use of materials and size.

These small and large works of art - icons, gospels, amulets, religious items - have signaled the success of the company for four decades, and iconotechniki can be counted amongst the largest workshops of museum copies worldwide.

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